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5 steps to travel photo GREATNESS

Step 1: Travel somewhere. ANYWHERE.

giphy (5)

Step 2: Snap loads of photos.

Step 3: Pick your photo faves while you’re having lunch in a cafe in Madrid, taking a rest on the Appalachian Trail, or chillin’ on the Great Wall of China.

Step 4: Send them in to Editor’s Touch for a quick fix because ain’t nobody got time to waste while they’re exploring the canals of Venice.

Step 5: Post your mended photos to your social media accounts & get ♥’s galore.

-Your Mendr Team

For more info on Editor’s Touch, click here

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4 thoughts to “5 steps to travel photo GREATNESS”

  1. Have you travelled anywhere? I desperate to go after university!
    By the way, are you a new blogger? If so, do you have any tips, I’ve only really started today and posted my first blog! Feel free to take a look, any advice would be great? Thank you 🙂

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