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Using Mendr: How to Match a Photo Filter

Thanks to Instagram, there’s a new photo filter trend every week. And honestly, it can take hours to debunk an editing hack to match a photo filter. Thankfully you don’t have to deal with the hassle…instead just submit your pic to our professional editors and they’ll handle the style matching for you.

Here’s how you can match a photo filter in minutes using Mendr:

step 1 pick pic

Select your photo to edit

step 2 select filter

Under the "Style" menu, tap "Match Photo Filter"

step 3 insert ref photo

Tap "Reference" to upload a photo you want to mimic

step 4 view ref upload

Here's the photo filter we want to mimic!

step 5 comment

Upload a comment to describe what you'd like exactly

step 6 review and submit

Review your request by tapping the Receipt in the upper left corner


Expert Tip: You can upload a “Reference” photo for any of your edits! This reference will help your editor nail the look you’re after on the first try.

Our adjusted image:

match photo filter
Voila! Photo filter matched.

⬇️ And if at first you don’t succeed, submit a Revision ⬇️

Here’s how you do that.

Using Mendr: How To Revise Your Edited Photo

Come on in, the water’s warm! Download the Mendr app here

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