The perks of editing at Mendr


How You Pick Up Work

No set hours! Log on to the Mendr web portal whenever you want and start picking up edits.


Goodbye Bidding

There’s no bidding required for edit jobs. As an editor at Mendr, you get to claim the requests you want and the work is immediately yours. Alongside every available edit request you’ll see how much money you’ll make. Once you complete the job, cashing out is easy via PayPal.


Resources to Support You

The Mendr team is a chat away for any customer issues or edit specifications. is where editors provide feedback, talk with the other editors, and find educational resources.


Advancing in Mendr

You build an editor profile and users can request you specifically. When they do, they pay an extra fee that you set. Whenever you receive a direct edit request you receive 100% of your additional fee (minus the transaction cost). In other words, we help you build a following and make more money!