The First 4 Things You Should Learn In Photoshop

Let’s be frank, we know you want to conquer Photoshop. We all envy that one “designer friend” who can seemingly (and effortlessly) perfect images with a few clicks.

Now you can too.

Start your image-editing journey by mastering these 4 must-know tools in Photoshop:

Spot Healing Brush

It’s the tool that put Photoshop on the map. Remove life’s imperfections like blemishes, scars, you name it…it’s all done with a click. The spot healing tool automatically samples colors from around the area you’re working with, which lets you perfectly blend an item to match its surrounding area.


Here’s an Adobe tutorial on how to master this tool.

Dodge Tool

Put those sleepy eyes to rest! This is your ultimate “lightening” or “darkening” tool. The Dodge Tool works by adjusting the shading of pixels anywhere you use it…we love it for dark undereye circles. To erase your own, set your tool to a soft brush, then head to the Range setting in the menu bar drop-down. Select “Highlights,” then set your Exposure to 20%. Carefully brush over your under-eye area--just be very mindful not to overdo it. A few simple strokes can mean the difference between looking #flawless and looking like a Facetune alien.


Here’s an Adobe tutorial on using this tool.

Blur Tool

Thanks to the stunning image quality on iPhone cameras nowadays, the Blur Tool is becoming more and more of a Photoshop necessity. Let’s face it, we’ve all got fine lines; the Blur Tool can handle them. Use it to gently fade wrinkles around your mouth or eyes, but like the Dodge Tool, less is definitely more.


Here’s an Adobe tutorial on how to use this tool.

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Consider this one of the most convenient tools in photo editing. The Magnetic Lasso tool lets you return to the trace and cutting days of yesteryear. Use it to outline a specific part of your image, then perform any number of actions to that section, like effortlessly separating an object from its background. Best part, it’s nearly foolproof when you have a bold contrast against the other colors in your image.

Master it by clicking (and holding) your mouse button on the Lasso; a menu will expand. The Magnetic Lasso has a small magnet on its icon. Select it, the start tracing your image by clicking once on its edge. Release, then continue to go over the edges of your object, as if you were using a pair of scissors.


Here’s an Adobe Tutorial on how to use this tool.

So there you have it! Conquering these 4 tools will give you the basic skill set you need for epic, Photoshop-edited photos.

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