How to Get Instagram-Worthy Photos Without the Effort

So you’re on Instagram and you’re not a pro photographer…welcome to the club. You post a pic, get less than a dozen likes, and you’re thinking about shifting your entire IG strategy to using stock photos and #regrams from now on. But before you do, these super easy, hassle-free tips are worth a go. We promise you’ll love the results.

Shake Up Your View Point

Odds are, you hold your phone directly in front of your chest or at eye level each and every time you snap a picture. That’s what everyone else does, too.

Fight the urge if you want to take an interesting picture; opt for something more unexpected like shooting from above or crouching low to the ground. You can even try flipping your phone so the camera lens is even closer to the ground, which will make a low-angle effect really pop.

Add Some Depth

We can hear you muttering, “What does that even mean?” Hear us out, because kickass photos include layers of subjects that catch your eye. It’s easy to focus solely on the subject of your photo, whether that’s a person or a handsome slice of pizza. But photos that include layers, with patterns or objects in the background as well as the foreground, are naturally interesting because they offer more depth.

This photo, rather than just cropping tightly around the held flower, also includes feet trailing out of the tub, petals beyond that, and the table in the background. Each layer of the photo offers something to look at, drawing you in.

Look For Interesting Patterns

Our brains crave patterns. Really, they are programed to recognize patterns. So photos with interesting patterns are especially appealing. That explains why some Instagram accounts have amassed huge followings by documenting them, like @IHaveThisThingWithFloors (we’re obsessed).

Our universal love of patterns also explains the viral sensations that are Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s mirror rooms, which create infinitely repeating patterns of simple shapes and colors.

Showcase Vibrant Colors

Minimalism and neutrals are trendy, but a selective pop of color can bring life to your photography. Bright, rich colors demand attention and give us energy. And when it comes to Instagram photography, they make a big impact on a small screen.

Don’t Be Afraid of Movement

Capturing your subject in motion is tough, which is what makes it so impressive. A compelling action shot is exciting and arresting.

You don’t always need to strive for perfection either. Sometimes more blur = more of a statement.

Pay Attention to Backgrounds

This is a simple technique, but it works. Take advantage of each and every eye-catching background you uncover! It’s the reason you always want to take a selfie in a restaurant bathroom with killer wallpaper. Business owners curate creative photo walls for a reason.

The more interesting your background, the better.

Put People First

People like people. In fact, photos with people get up to 38% more likes than photos without.

To take a stunning portrait, use natural light, choose an appealing background, and explore shooting from different angles to capture a more interesting shot. When in doubt, switch to your phone’s portrait mode, which will optimize lighting and focus.

Edit Strategically

Sure, Instagram has some great filters and editing tools already built in. But in order to truly achieve the look you’re going for, you’re going to need an external editing app. Apps like Mendr let you leave the edits to the professionals - - - just share your vision and submit your request. That way, you can breathe easy about it turning out the way you like.

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