Perfecting Your Holiday Photos Using Mendr

‘Tis the season for festive get-togethers with friends and family, magical outings, and so many holiday photos. The month wouldn’t be complete without the receiving of dozens of holiday cards from friends, family, and occasionally a person or two you’re not totally sure you actually know.

If you're aiming to snap the ✨perfect✨holiday photo, we’ll let you in on a little secret…that’s easier said than done. While the holiday season is a joyous time of year, it’s also full of chaos and less-than-tech-savvy participants. Which means capturing that perfect photo can get tough!

But getting exceptional quality and bringing your vision to life on a DIY budget is possible with a few strategic edits using Mendr.

Add Festive Elements

Going for a family theme? For inspiration, turn to Pinterest.

Will you all wear a similar color?

Will you incorporate decorations or props?

Do you want an outdoor scene or the familiar backdrop of your own home?

Choose any items of clothing you’ll need, but no need to break the bank. If you don’t have a prop or ideal background on hand, you can insert your desired details later using the Mendr app. If you’re feeling extra festive, use the app to Add Objects like holiday decor or presents under the tree, and even insert text with your family name or message for a holiday card.

Once you’ve created your festive vision; here’s our guide on adding objects to your photos.

Here, we quickly improved a father-son photo's lighting, removed a photo bomber, & added some garland in the background for that holiday vibe.

Erase Unwanted Items

Remove dirty dishes and empty wine glasses from your table, the stain on your significant other’s shirt, you name it. Use Mendr to erase the stuff you don’t want your has-a-comment-to-make-about-everything aunt to see. Mendr editors can also remove people, so 2019’s breakups can’t even ruin that perfect pic.

When you’re ready to whip out the Mendr magic eraser, here’s a full guide on removing objects from your photos.

Fix Picture Imperfections

Remove red eye, brighten eyes, touch up makeup and eyebrows. Mendr editors can also make more personal edits, like complexion adjustments or changes to your physique so your pictures represent your holidays exactly how you remember them!

Keep things simple and professional by using a photo editing app that handles the professional Photoshop for you, so that everyone looks their best but nothing looks phony.

Let Mendr make your photos beautiful so you can focus on what matters: enjoying the moment. Download now for iOS or Android and your first edit is on us!