Using Mendr: Adding Objects to Photos

Welcome back to the “Using Mendr” series! If you’re fresh to the party, welcome. Here’s where we dive into both basic and complex features within the Mendr app - - - all designed to help you make your photos flawless.

We’re right in the thick of holiday photo season: Mom’s yelling at everyone to stand closer to each other and your aunt can’t work the iPhone camera, so you’re prepping yourself to have to edit the photos for family album perfection.

Have a little fun by adding some creative elements to your photos this year.

Here's how to Add Objects to your photo:

After you’ve selected your photo to Tailor, select “Objects” from the main footer menu in your Mendr app.

The app will automatically open the “Remove Objects” menu, but if you look towards the footer menu, you’ll noticed an option to “Add.” Tap this!

Here, you can:

Expert Tip: Since you're working with a real-life Photoshop expert each and every time you submit a photo, the more info you provide, the better! Leave comments and don't be afraid to get super descriptive if you know exactly what you want in your edited photo.

And if you've got a reference image for a specific object, upload it!

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