7 Celeb Photoshop Fails that Prove It’s Better to Leave Editing to the Pros


It’s one of Instagram’s most favorite pastimes…once a celeb posts a photo on the platform, you can guarantee that thousands of fans are scanning the pic for signs of celeb Photoshop fails.

From warped walls to frighteningly abnormal limbs, these 7 editing failures definitely could've been avoided:

Kim Kardashian

Let’s just say it; Kim’s got more photoshop fails than any other celebrity in the digital age. But this one’s got to be our favorite...#oldbutGOLD

Ironically captioned “Getting right for the new year,” look to the left of Kim’s killer abs and you’ll notice a strangely warped curve on a silver bar and doorway in the back of the picture. She's since stepped up her game, but her latest Photoshop controversy (seen below) was actually so heated she took to her blog to debunk it.


Bella Hadid

Yes, even supermodels edit their images. Take a look at the dresser next to Hadid’s hip - - - it’s unusually curved, implying the beauty icon edited the image to make her hips look bigger while slimming down her waist.



You know when you accidentally rub your finger on your camera lens, leaving behind a seriously smudgy effect? We want to blame Madonna’s unusually blurry face on this, but something tells us it’s due to excess skin tone softening. (At least she did the same for James Corden.) Madonna loves the blur feature, but her fairly wide selection of overly-edited skin pics prove that less is definitely more. 


Ariana Grande

We love you Ariana, but we absolutely refuse to believe that hand matches the rest of your body proportions. Some blame the elongated hand on using a wide-angle camera lens. Others blame poor Photoshop. You decide.


Kris Jenner

This wouldn’t be nearly as fun to talk about if her selfie partner hadn’t posted the exact same photo, sans edits. We needn’t say anything here…the side-by-side says it all.


Mariah Carey

We’re not going to lie: there are a number of Mariah Photoshop fails to pick from. This time, the proof in the pudding lies in the warped cabinet in between her hall of fame legs, highlighting an edited body.


Lindsey Lohan

This may be the most famous fail of all time, simply because it’s so bad. The now deleted post was captioned "My feet look red lol — had to take that out. Only real red is my hair,” but unfortunately, fans weren’t focussed on the hair. It’s nearly impossible to miss the curved wall next to Lohan's derriere, implying she edited the shape of her backside.

We think all of these photos would have looked great without the edits. 

Each of these celeb Photoshop fails could have been avoided, but if you want to make adjustments, skip the DIY apps.

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