Editor Feature


The Basics

Location: Living the life in Denver, CO

Life quote: "The mountains are calling, and I must go" - John Muir

Fun facts: Has a Corgi named Lucky, has traveled to over 30 countries, & has had a photo featured by Nat Geo.

Day Job: The Sierra Club - an environmental organization that works to protect public land and resources.


What do you love about editing?

I love editing personal photos because it's largely an intimate experience. I often deal with extremely sentimental photos, so I know these are images that people will cherish for the rest of their lives. By creating a perfect reflection of these important moments, I’m able to connect with clients on a highly personal level.


Why Mendr?

Mendr provides me with an outlet to exercise the creative side of my brain.



Sarah Brooks

Mendr ID: sarahlbrooks

Sentimentality. Creativity. Intimacy.