How To Take The Perfect Selfie


Did you know that 1,000 selfies are posted on Instagram EVERY SECOND? It’s crazy. The “selfie movement” is a real thing, so we thought we might as well offer some tips for capturing your perfect shot.   But before we begin...not all smartphone cameras are created equal.  Want some inside scoop on the best ones?  CNET's got you covered.

Now on to the good stuff.

1. Choose Your Background Wisely

Messy rooms or backdrops with a lot of people can be distracting. Choose a background that’s minimalistic to bring attention to the subject of your photo--you!

Or, if you purposely want to highlight the place where you are--like a beautiful beach or in front of the Eiffel Tower--center the frame so that you’re off to the side or bottom and your viewer can clearly see the location behind you too. (And if you need inspiration, here’s a list of IG-worthy travel destinations to check out.)

2. Use Natural Light

Natural lighting is your BFF. Your facial features will look, well, natural, and dark circles or blemishes will be less obvious.

A selfie lacking light will look dark and grainy. If it’s after dark, take your selfies in a well-lit room, or if you’re in a place that has low light, try adjusting the brightness settings of your phone’s camera.

3. Avoid Shadows

Depending on the angle of the sun, shadows can make or break your shot.

As a general rule of thumb, sun directly in your face is the best (just don’t blink!). Just after sunrise or just before sunset, aka the “golden hours”, are also great because the lighting is softer and red tones are more enhanced. Just avoid taking selfies when the sun is directly above your head--this angle will only enhance any bags under your eyes.

4. Experiment to Find Your Favorite Angle

Straight-on, bird’s eye view, below. Your face will literally change shape depending on the angle of the camera. Experiment until you find one that makes you happy and accentuates the facial features that you want to highlight.

Our fav? Holding the camera a little higher than your head and looking up only with your eyes (don’t move your chin).

5. Don’t Over Edit or Over Filter

Fun fact: selfies get the most likes on Instagram when posted with no filter at all. So if you decide to edit your pic, less is more.

After you capture your favorite shot, focus on edits that improve lighting, sharpness, or colors. If you really like the effect of a specific filter, apply it from within your camera app before you shoot your picture--turning the filter on before makes your picture look more natural too.

If you must, we won’t blame you for removing a pimple or smoothing out a wrinkle here or there, just be selective in your edits so that your face still looks natural and recognizable. Snap the perfect pic but want to get rid of a pesky flyaway hair or a photobomber? Or don’t know how to make edits on your own? We can help you with that. Send Mendr your pic and one of our pros will edit it for you and send it back in minutes.

Most importantly, though, celebrate who you are and your beauty! Unless you are, say, purposely adding fangs to transform yourself into a which case, Mendr can help with that too (and we want to see the result)!

Ready, Set, Smile

Now that you’re armed with these tips for capturing the perfect selfie, all you need to do is...practice!

Do you have any other tips and tricks to make your selfies look better? Share ‘em below!