Take The Perfect Travel Pictures (And Still Enjoy The Moment)


By now you know, we love a quality photo. Whether it’s Nana at a family BBQ, summer’s most Instagram-worthy travel destination, or that Top Chef staffed restaurant where you finally snagged a table, it’s no surprise that experts estimate that we’ll take over 1.3 trillion pics around the world this year. But we’re also well aware of the counter trend: the fight to stop taking pictures and enjoy the moment. As it turns out, taking killer shots and living them don’t have to be mutually exclusive activities…You can have your cake and eat it too.

You can do it. Here's how:

Know the Pic You Want Before You Even Start the Adventure

You’re in Paris, you know you’re going to want the quintessential Eiffel Tower pic. Once you’ve taken it, put your phone away! You. Can. Do. This.

Stop Stressing About The “Perfect Shot”

You’re in a romantic, absurdly dimly lit restaurant everyone’s been trying to get into… (Au Cheval, anyone?), and you better believe you’re going to snap a pic. Sadly, that sexy lighting is your photo’s worst enemy.

Snap it anyway, then dive into your food. We’ll fix that picture later.

Embrace The Photo Bomb

If you’ve been to any touristy destination, EVER, you know that it’s damn near impossible to snap an iconic landmark photo without someone strolling through it.

Statistically speaking, the first picture you snap is probably going to be the best one. Take it, and don’t stress about bystanders.

...By now, you’re thinking, “Great, so I’ll just have a bunch of garbage pictures?”


The ability to snap pictures and enjoy the moment depends on your post-production edits. Grab an app like Mendr -- our team of professional editors can boost the lighting, remove those photobombers, and even add the Eiffel Tower to your pic if you forgot to snap one altogether.

Sure, you may miss out on an image or two…but it also means you've officially stopped stressing about living through the lens of your iPhone. Travel bliss!