Using Mendr: Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look


Celebrities do it all the time, so why can't we? Playful filters on Instagram and Snapchat let you swap out your eye color, hair color, and makeup in seconds - - - and Mendr makes it just as easy to get your images edited with fun cosmetic changes in mind.

Watch the videos below to take a peek at some of our favorite ways to change up your look in photos.


Get Longer, Thicker Eyelashes

No need for any false eyelashes or lash glue here. Change up the look of your eyelashes without any of the long-term damage on your lash line; it's as simple as selecting your picture and submitting it to the Mendr squad. Here's how to do it:


Change Your Eye Color

Maybe you've wondered what you'd look like with ice-blue eyes, or perhaps you're a fan of colored contacts when it comes time to snapping pictures. Now, you can get any color eye you like in minutes, no contacts required.


Swap Out Your Hair Color

This one's a favorite with Halloween around the corner. Let's face it, wigs are expensive. A high quality option can run over $100 easily, and odds are, you'll only get to wear it a few times. Or perhaps you're considering investing in dyeing your hair? Now you can try out the look without the dollar splurge, just snap a pic and send it to the Mendr team.

Don't forget... There are a number of other edits you can make to change up your look. Think teeth whitening, smoothing wrinkles or color swapping your clothes, background edits to make you the star of the photo. If you can dream it, the Mendr squad can make it happen.